We are a new kind of production company.

Led by established professionals in entertainment, advertising and social issue media, we produce world-class TV commercials, documentary television, web videos and other filmed content for organizations and companies at the forefront of change.

This includes every step in the development and production process - from strategic planning and creative development to securing distribution and overseeing shooting.


World-Class Creative and Production

Great ideas live or die in the execution — without room for compromise.

We earned our stripes by delivering award-winning work for clients around the world. So we understand the exacting nature of production, and what it takes to deliver high-impact results.

We bring those unerring standards to every step in the production process — from casting and pre-production to shooting, editing and visual effects.

We do it by working with established professionals from around the world. So whether it's a 30-second TV commercial or a two-minute spot for the web, the result is always as powerful as the idea which inspired it.

What's more, our low-impact Green Production Process eliminates the environmentally unfriendly waste associated with old-fashion production, allowing our industry-leading clients to enjoy world-class TV commercials that rely on sustainable, eco-friendly practices.


Making Change Profitable
Low-Impact Green Production

Giving Global Brands The Green Option

Traditional TV commercial production produces waste.

From the mountains of discarded polystyrene bottles and Styrofoam cups used on set to the highly toxic chemicals required for processing motion picture film, conventional commercial and motion picture production generates millions of tons of solid waste around the world each year.

World-Class Creative Without The Waste.

For major brands committed to a healthy planet, we provide an environmentally healthy alternative.

Our rigorous sustainable Green Production Process involves a range of practices — eliminating plastic bottles and requiring re-usable and recyclable supplies on our sets. We've also taken dramatic steps to minimize paper usage by relying on digital documents to track production and reporting, thereby reducing the immense carbon footprint of commercial production. Last but not least, by relying on today's state-of-the-art digital cameras, we offer clients world-class production quality while eliminating the need for millions of feet of motion picture film and the toxic chemicals required for its processing.

What's more, we require the same ethical practices of all our suppliers, assuring an environmentally secure supply chain.

For our industry-leading clients, the result is world-class production quality while contributing to a healthy and sustainable planet.


A Catalyst For Change

From climate change and human rights to sustainability and innovation, documentaries have become an undeniable force in catalyzing social change.

Whether it's a special series on democracy in the media or a weekly program on innovation for the Third World, they deliver moving stories and timely information on today's most pressing concerns.

Individually, our producers and directors have created internationally award-winning programs for PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Channel 4, CBC and other leading networks worldwide.

As Agent Of Change, our collective mission is to create high-impact programming.

We do it by managing every step in the production process from sourcing financing and securing distribution to development, pre-production, shooting and post.


TV & Web Commercials
Documentary TV Series
Integrated Media Campaigns

Leveraging Beyond Film

As an integrated media company, we partner with world-leading publishers and web strategy companies to create a comprehensive media campaign that leverages this filmed content for maximal impact.

That includes every facet of a media and marketing program, from developing a publishing component to working with our partners at Switch Interactive, one of North America's premier producers of interactive strategies for the entertainment industry.

What's more, we include these partners into the process at its inception — rather than as an afterthought.

The result is a powerful and coordinated media package that delivers your core issues and ideas to a world stage.


Making Change Profitable
Low-Impact Green Production

Generating Measurable Results

The best way to reward social innovation is to make it profitable.

We develop breakthrough filmed content and strategies to communicate your core values to your target audience.

From expanding your donor base to sponsoring recognition programs, our strategists have earned a reputation for using innovative filmed content to demonstrate results to your stakeholders.

We produce turnkey marketing programs that enable clients to make their breakthrough initiatives profitable and lasting.